Cubimal Adventures
An android platformer game with level editor.
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Princess Gwendolyn is in trouble. An evil magician cursed her and she has to remain in ghost form until someone collects the reagents for an antidote. Help her through the levels and collect everything.

Cubimal Adventures is a cute platformer where you can play through the main campaign or create your own worlds, levels and share them with others.
Collect gems in the leves and buy new, Cubimals to play as or get power-ups, you can also buy keys for treasure chests so you can always open them.
Get through the jumping puzzles, fight off enemies, find all the secret places troughout the levels and collect everything.

How to play:
You only have to use 3 buttons. On the left side, you can find the jump button(you can double jump!). The button on the right side is used for switching directions, the middle one is used for shooting.

Time warp: If you find yourself in a sticky situation, just use this skill to rewind time by a few seconds.
Cure: Heal yourself with this curative spell.
Anti gravity: If a certain part of a level is too hard, use this to float for a limited time and avoid obstacles.

Level Editor Howto

Level Editor Admin:

Cubimal admin

Level Editor tutorial videos:

Level Building Basics
How to add enemies
More will come soon.

How to make your own levels:

Step 1: download the free map editor named TILED from here:

Step 2: download the template from here:

Step 3: extract to a folder.

Step 4: open the template.tmx with TILED. You must see something like this:

Step 5: examine the template levels and start making your owns. You can read the full documentation at cubimal admin

How to play your world:

Step 1: in TILED select the File menu > Export and save the world as a JSON file

Step 2: register an account at cubimal admin

Step 3: log in and upload your new world

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